Nail mail!!



Soooooo excited!! This contoured four of my “firsts”. My first OPI DS, étude, Jade and A England. Can’t wait to try them all!!!!


Butter London’s Scallywag



I am completely head over heels in love with this color!! It’s sooo beautiful. It is a clear glitter base that provides full coverage. It sparkles in the light!! It does dry to a semi matte as you can see in the left hand side photos or you can add two coats of seche shown in the right for extra gloss. It was easy and smooth to put on and just WOW! I used a coat of nail tek under and then Essie feed me. I’m so into this color and it will be one of my go to polishes. Now I’m in search of the rest of the 2012 holiday collection!!

China Glaze Holographic Not in this Galaxy



This is yet another from the new line China Glaze put out. These photos are in direct sunlight and as you can see there is very very little holo effect. Seems they were a bit stingy with that!! The color is ok nothing about this particularly wows me like strap on your moon boots and some of the others did. Of course as a holo I didn’t use a base or top coat. At least not till I get my NFu oh aqua base

Theresa’s Julep Shenae



Here is a julep Shenae polish from the it girl line. It’s a light light pastel green and looks great!! She did say the polish was hard to put on that it was either too thick then too thin which is the same problem I had. She wore Sally Hansen double duty as a base and the top is no chip by Sally. I love the color but hate the application!!

China Glaze Flying Dragon



Ok ladies once again another color I bought that I found out has a different version which is the darker purple so now I’m on a hunt for that along with my good buddy Ci. But this is a beautiful polish. Because its meant to be a neon it does dry semi matte. It’s somewhat of a magenta with blue purple glitter which you can see more in the flash pic. I put on one coat of nail tek Essie grow fast and seche base. It took two coats of seche top to get it shiny and I may add another. But I love this polish for the beautiful color. As always with china glaze application was a breeze.

OPI My Private Jet



Soooo as many people know there are tons of versions of this floating around. Honestly I’m still not 100 percent sure which one I have. It obviously has holo so maybe the scattered holo one? What do you think? Regardless it’s beautiful and I love love the color. I bought it for that alone before I heard all the stories behind it. Either way super pretty. This is two coats over nail tek and Essie first base base coat. I do have a HTF coming I can’t wait to post here in a week or two. This polish bug bit the crap out of me!!!

Holy holo China Glaze Take A Trek



This is from China Glazes new holographic line. I don’t have any aqua base coat yet so I did as I do with my Layla holos and buffed my nails to a shine. This is no base coat with three thin coats of take a trek. I finally got pics in the sun so you can actually see the awesome holo effect!! I have to admit holos are my fav and I place that bland on Tami. I’m missing five colors to this line but I will get them you just wait!! Lol